Rich men rituals

Ever wondered what things rich men do in order to get rich?

Well, in the words of Aristotle:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

And it’s true – most wealthy people aren’t rich by accident.

Of course, there’s lucky chaps who were either born into wealth, or were just simply at the right place, at the right time – but for the majority of us, accumulating wealth and being able to buy whatever the f*ck we want requires working hard (and smart), staying dedicated, focused and above all… maintaining a specific set of habits (or rituals) which serve as cash compass – which in time, should lead to bigger bank balance and thicker wallet.

Below is a list of 16 things rich men do everyday.

Wake Up Early

44% of wealthy people wake up three hours before 6 a.m.

Why? Hungry millionaires simply do not sleep in – they have too much to accomplish every day.

Avoid blue light at night

Stay off all computer screens for at least an hour before bed.

Why? The blue light emitted prevents the body from producing the sleep hormone, melatonin.

And a good night’s sleep is absolutely crucial for optimal brain functioning. It’s good for burning fat too.

Eat Healthy

More than half of wealthy people count their calories and restrict eating junk food intake to less that 300 calories a day.

Why? Because they value their health. If you’re healthy, you won’t just look and feel better, but you’ll perform better too.

Exercise Regularly

The majority wealthy blokes will do some kind of aerobic workout at least four times a week – regardless of how busy their schedule is.

Whether it’s lifting weights, hitting the pads or stretching in a sweaty yoga class… exercise is considered mandatory.

Why? Regular exercise will increase productivity, boost energy levels, combat stress and has many other well-being benefits. Ultimate, this leads to feeling better and being able to function more efficiently.

Set goals

Rich men either set their goals either the night before they go to bed or the first in the morning.

Why? These goals serve as micro-missions which will in turn lead to bigger things.

Without setting actionable goals (for example – earning X amount by Y time through Z activities) – it’s very unlikely anything will get done.

For fun, set a bucket list of the things you want to do before you die.


Rich men aren’t easily distracted.

In fact, everything he does, every decision and action he will take, is done with this primary objective in mind.

Why? With laser-like precision, you can accomplish almost anything you set your mind on.

Believe that time is money

In general, wealthy people work hard to achieve their goals, and will restrict most non-productive activities to a minimum – this includes social media and Netflix.

Why? They believe that time is money – so time misspent is money lost.

Take Long Lunches

Many wealthy people take breaks of an hour or more for lunch. This may seem to go against the idea that time is money, but in fact, taking breaks is an important part of that.

Why? A long midday lunch allows you to recharge your batteries and return to work with fresher mindset.

Expand your knowledge

Wealthy people read, as they’re hungry to learn new things, grow and self-improve.

Why? Knowledge is power (it’s attractive too).

Take Calculated Risks

Successful people are often calculated risk-takers who never panic when things go wrong, because they’ve also prepared for the worst.

Why? Rich men understand that risks (calculated, not reckless) lead to rewards.

Network with the right people

You’ve heard the saying: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”?

Well, surround yourself with successful people. Networking with other rich people, or people with the drive and hunger to achieve more is crucial for your own success.

Spend at least five hours a month networking with people smarter than you.

If you don’t have a good circle, do something about it.
Try events (like Tony Robbins) where you get to meet people with drive and hunger.

Avoid TV and computer games

The majority of rich lads watch TV for less than an hour a day and avoid reality TV shows.

Why? Because they’ll opt for more productive ways to spend their time, like learning or creating opportunities.

So next time you go to binge on Netflix, why not jump online and research some ways of making money online?

Avoid Gambling

Of course, unless you’re the 1 in 43 million who gets lucky one the Lotto, most rich lads avoid sticking a quid on the lottery.

Why? Because they believe that actions and habits create the opportunity for luck – not a lottery ticket or scratch card of some slot machine.

Control emotions

Rich men understand that not every thought or emotion should be shared.

Why? Good relationships are a crucial foundation for financial success – and speaking your mind can sometimes damage those relationships.

Here’s a handy article on how to  handle a break-up.

Listen more. Talk less

Rich men often communicate well, and listening is an essential part of that.

Why? Listening for 5 minutes, for every minute you speak enabled them to truly understand where others are coming from, and to respond accordingly.

Avoid overspending

Rich people avoid overspending. Just because they could drop £500,000 on a brand new sports car doesn’t mean they do.

The wealthy invest their time in comparison shopping and negotiation, getting the best deals for their dollar.

Why? It’s smarter to save and invest money, then to overspend.

Avoid reading messages first thing

Whether it’s checking email or flicking through your social media feed… Don’t.

Why? Don’t waste your fresh brain juice on tasks that don’t need much concentration.
Emails, social media and housework should be saved the for the after-lunch trough.

Don’t Retire

Whilst many rich men could retire in their 30’s, the majority have no intention to.

Why? The longer you continue to work, the more money you can make.

The above articles is according to Author Thomas Corley who spent five years studying the lives and habits of rich people and poor people before writing Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals.

Final note:

Money doesn’t solve every problem, but it sure as hell helps.

Try incorporating as many of these rituals as you can, and drop us a message when you’ve “made it” 😉