KINQ - Unrestricted Social Network


KINQ is a brand new, unrestricted social network.

Imagine if Instagram, Netflix and Onlyfans had a threesome… Well, that’s kinda what KINQ is. 

KINQ - Unrestricted Social Network
KINQ – Unrestricted Social Network

Let me explain: 

KINQ looks and feels like Instagram. It’s simple to use, and pretty much works the same but without any content restrictions. 

It comes with a beautiful search and discovery feed, making it easy to find new creators. As well as many other Instagram-inspired features, such as Likes, Comments, Shares, Follows and DM’s etc. 
Stories and Live Stream are coming soon, too.

KINQ - Live Streaming and Stories
KINQ – Live Streaming and Stories

KINQ at its core, is an adult content sharing platform, and shares many of the same features as Onlyfans too, such as PPV content, Tips, Exclusive Content Requests etc. 

They’ve introduced a new feature called Chat Fee too, which means fans have to pay a small fee when messaging Creators. They say this will help prevent spam and make the conversations between fans and creators much better. 

Unlike Onlyfans and other typical fansites, KINQ is NOT a subscription site, and is actually more like Netflix and Spotify, where fans pay one monthly fee (£9.99) to access all the creators on the platform.

This is great for fans, who are constantly looking for variety, as you only have to pay once a month, and you can interact with hundreds of creators. 

KINQ has started onboarding Creators already, and will be going live to fans in May 2024. 

You can get early access though by clicking this invitation link.

What is KINQ?