Thai Bar Girl Sayings

If you’re new to the Thai Bar Girl scene you might want to read this first.

We’re listed some of the most commonly used Thai bar girl sayings and translated them to what they’re really saying. Thank us later πŸ˜‰

β€œI only in Phuket 1 weekβ€œ. Meaning: I just arrived back in Pattaya last week after spending a week on Koh Samui with a customer.

β€œThis is my first day working barβ€œ. Meaning: This is my first day working in this bar. Or, I just split up with my boyfriend, this is my first day back working the bar.

β€œCan I sit with youβ€œ. Meaning: Will you buy me a drink. And, can I interest you in sleeping with me.

β€œDo you want another drinkβ€œ. Meaning: Will you buy me another drink.

β€œThis is my friendβ€œ. Meaning: Will you buy my friend a drink.

β€œIs this your first time in Thailandβ€œ. Meaning: How green are you.

β€œHow long have you been in Thailandβ€œ. Meaning: How green are you. Or, do you have a Thai wife or girlfriend.

β€œWhich hotel are you staying atβ€œ. Meaning: How rich are you.

β€œWhere are you goingβ€œ. Meaning: can I come with you.

β€œUp to youβ€œ. Meaning: Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

β€œDo you want to see me tonightβ€œ. Meaning: Should I go with another man tonight.

β€œCan we go to the marketβ€œ. Meaning: Will you buy me something.

β€œI’m just texting my friendβ€œ. Meaning: I’m arranging to meet my next customer.

β€œI must go see my friend for, whatever, I not be long.β€œ. Meaning: I have a short time customer.

β€œI borrowed money from my friend, please can you help me pay her backβ€œ. Meaning: I have to pay my gambling debt.

β€œBest you come to Thailand next monthβ€œ. Meaning: One of my other boyfriends is here right now, and he goes home next month.

β€œSorry, my phone had no batteryβ€œ. Meaning: I was busy with a customer.

β€œMy father’s buffalo is sick.β€œ. Meaning: Please send a small amount of money for, whatever.

β€œMy family house needs new roof.β€œ. Meaning: Please send a large amount of money.

β€œMy family house very old now, always problem.β€œ. Meaning: Will you buy my family a new house.

β€œMy father sick, need to hire help to work the landβ€œ. Meaning: Please send more money every month.

β€œThis is my brother.β€œ. Meaning: This is my husband.