Onlyfans vs Glamourfans

What’s the difference between OnlyFans and Glamourfans?

What’s the difference between OnlyFans and Glamourfans?

Earning money as an online content creator has exploded as an industry in recent years and Glamourfans is the latest platform where you can generate a sizeable income.

OnlyFans and Glamourfans have many things in common but also differ in lots of ways too.

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The good news is you can earn huge amounts of money from both at the same time and enjoy all of the benefits each has to offer. It isn’t a case of picking one over the other – it’s more a question of why you would miss out on an additional income stream by sticking to just OnlyFans or just Glamourfans.

Glamourfans has many of the same features, such as selling premium content, group and 1-1 live streams and you can post whatever content you wish with no restrictions.

But there are plenty of exciting ways Glamourfans is different which could help supercharge your income or launch your career. 

Below we’ve listed 5 of the biggest differences between OnlyFans and Glamourfans…

1. Fans pay one monthly fee to access the entire platform – rather than pay-per-performer

The Glamourfans subscription model gives content creators access to a much wider audience – and gives fans access to a larger variety of content. This means you gain more followers each month like Instagram, rather than worrying about fans unsubscribing like with Onlyfans.

Glamourfans - Unrestricted App for influencers and content creators
Glamourfans – Unrestricted Content Sharing App

2. Glamourfans is the ONLY site which pays you for ‘Likes’

Every time a fan hits the ‘Like’ button on your content you get paid – just like musicians get paid royalties on Spotify when their songs are played. Glamourfans works this payment out by totalling up fan subscriptions (after fees) before dividing that amount by the number of ‘Likes’ on the platform.

3. Glamourfans creators can earn unlimited tips – unlike OnlyFans

Fans can tip you as much they like and there’s no limit to how much you can earn each month. OnlyFans caps tips, which can be incredibly frustrating for content creators who often feel their hard work is going to waste. Glamourfans is ripping up the rulebook for tips and allowing everyone to maximise their true earning potential.

4. You can earn commission for life rather than 12 months on Glamourfans

This is another big difference. OnlyFans caps referral commissions to a year – but with Glamourfans the money never stops rolling in. Glamourfans offers a huge 5% for LIFE for introducing content creators. They also pay £1 for every fan you introduce to the platform – whether they continue to follow you or not – plus £1 per fan every month for life. 

All it takes is for a small number of your current social media followers to sign up and you could be earning a regular passive income. For example, if a content creator with 100,000 followers got just 1% of their followers to sign up they would earn £1000pcm as a base income BEFORE personal earnings.

5. It’s easier for fans to find you on Glamourfans

Fans can search using hashtags and discover you by categories you place your content in – just like on Instagram. So even creators without a large social media following can still be discovered. This makes Glamourfans perfect for both newbies and established content creators looking to grow their audience and income.

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